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Phone numbers in Saint-Petersburg
Booking, corporate requests – tel/fax +7 (812) 371-87-80, 388-23-07, 388-29-41
Phone numbers in Korobitsino
Hotel +7 (812) 702-78-78
Administrator at the ski-area +7 (812) 972-23-93

Travel agency “Zolotaya Dolina” Saint-Petersburg, Blagodatnaya 63 (on the territory of Kourier Co Ltd) +7 (812) 388-23-07, +7 (812) 388-29-41 +7 (812) 371-87-80, opening hours — Monday-Friday, с 10.00 till 18.00

Driving out of town use Scandinavia road. Then turn to Pervomaiskoye village. In Pervomaikoye there is only one crossroad, use the main road. Then, when you reach Podgorie village, turn right, following the sign Mitchurinskoye. Then you pass Korobitsino village, and, the road will go down to the valley. Then turn right and you will reach our ski-are, ski-lifts and ticket-windows. If you go to Zolotaya Dolina hotel or to Suontaka restaurant, then you don’t go down, but, when you passed Korobitsino village, turn right after the bus station, and go up.

GPS coordinates
Parking at Suontaka restaurants, hotel and cottages N60˚31.313’ E29˚45.642’
Parking down at the slopes (ski-rental, dressing rooms, bar) N60˚31.669’ E29˚46.091’

Bus schedule to Korobitsino and back

Bus no. 898Bus no. 897
Metro Parnas – Pervomaiskoye village – Korobitsino village – Mitchurinskoye villageMetro Devyatkino – village Pine – village of Michurinskoye – Svetly settlement – the settlement Korobitsino settlement.
From Saint-Petersburg (Parnas metro)To Saint-Petersburg (Mitchurinskoye village)From Saint-Petersburg (Devyatkino metro)To Saint-Petersburg (Krasnoozernoye village)

Information about the route – transport company PTK (812)458-8509
Traffic controller at Parnas bus station (812) 225-3122