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Snowboard Park


Located on the 3d slope of the ski-area, it is the oldest in Saint-Petersburg, the first competition took place in 2001/2002 (“Non-Olympic games” cup).
This is one of the favorite places of the snowboarders’ “get together”.
The park has a few lines, which are perfect both for the beginners, who just starts to try their hands in free style or jibbing as well as for the advanced riders, which are working out new tricks. You can also meet here the professionals who are visiting the place when they are free from competitions.
The park is equipped by UNIT PARKTECH equipment, which provides the variety of figures and safe riding.
All the figures are built and serviced by the team of shapers, who are also riding, communicating with riders in the park, and listen for their wishes.
In the park a lot of city and federal competitions are held. It’s a European stage of Burton AM tour, BURTON AM CUP, SPRING JAM, NIGHT PIPE CONTEST, WOODSTOK, VIRUS SPRING PIPE and many others.
The park is completely built of snow, which lets riding until May, and hold friendly events in the end of the season.
The equipment in the park (can be changed depending on the season):
1. Rail -8м
2. Rainbow -10м
3. Rail Flat-down-6m
4. Box down-flat-down-12m
5. DanceFloor-4m
6. Down Box-8m
7. Box up-flat-down -12m
8. Flat Box -4m
9. Kicker -5m
10. Kicker-8m
11. Kicker-10m
12. Kicker-14m
We also have a half-pipe which is located on the 5th slope. It is also used for competitions, both professional riders and amateurs are training there.

Length – 100 meters

Wall heights – 5,5 meters

Incline – 16*

All the slopes and figures are lit and serviced by special equipment.