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Ski-area “Zolotaya Dolina” is considered to be one of the best among the ski-areas around Saint-Petersburg. It has the longest history – the first ski-school was founded here 40 years ago, in the sixties of the last century.

Today we have 12 modern tracks with different degree of difficulty. Due to diversity of the tracks any skier will find a suitable track for himself. E.g. the first and second tracks are good for skiers and snowboarders of the average skill level because of its interesting relief.

Track no.3 is a fun-park. This is the Mecca for those who love the extreme of the new school and snowboarding. On 5 lines there are over 10 different figures – boxes, rails, pipes, springboards of different difficulty levels, and, of course, big air – a big springboard with a table 8 to 12 meters. The park is not only for professionals. Those who are bored by a usual skiing or snowboarding, will find a track for the beginners with small springboards and low boxes. There is also a pneumatic pillow for training different tricks with the soft and safe landing afterwards.

Also, on the top of the pist no. 3, for extreme sportsmen there is a half-pipe. Length is 80 meters, walls are 3 meters high.

Track number 4 is for the sportsmen, it’s very steep. On this track the sportsmen trainings and worldwide competitions are held.

Track number 5 is perfect for the beginners and small children. It is sloping and doesn’t have any steep places. In the low part of the 5th pist there is a free training track 70 meters long for the very beginners and small children. Also at the bottom of the hill no.1 there is a small snow city with the baby-lift.

For those who love free ride there is a track in the forest with the fresh snow.

All the tracks in the ski-area are illuminated in the dark time of the day. Snowmaking system consisting of 20 snowguns and 2 groomers is good enough to keep the tracks in perfect condition. The skiing season in Zolotaya Dolina is the longest in Europe – about 6 months. If the weather is favorable, the season can start in the beginning of November, and, the closing dates, for the last 10 years, are in the beginning of May.

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